10 Flowers That Bloom in November

November, the onset of early winter in the Gregorian calendar, still witnesses a myriad of flowers blooming amidst the chilly winds.

In this article, I’d like to share with you ten types of flowers that bloom in November, which include rosemary, tea olive, cymbidium orchids, chrysanthemums, hypoestes phyllostachya, dendrobium, Japanese flowering cherry, dahlias, red-flowered horse chestnut, and hibiscus mutabilis.

Are there any other flowers that bloom in November that you’re aware of? Feel free to add your contributions in the comments section.

1. Rosemary (Bloom time: November-April)

Flowers That Bloom in November

When I ponder about flowers blooming in November, rosemary immediately comes to mind. It primarily blossoms from November through April, although it might bloom in the relatively cool months of June and July.

When rosemary blooms, the upper and end parts of its branches are adorned with delicate blue and white flowers, often hidden beneath the leaves. Also known as Dew of the Sea, rosemary thrives in warm climates.

It’s a valuable natural aromatic plant, emitting a refreshing scent during its growing season, which is said to invigorate the mind and help with digestion and stomach pains.

Originally from Europe and Northern Africa’s Mediterranean coasts, it’s primarily grown in Southern Europe as a crop. Rosemary was introduced to China during the Cao Wei period and is now cultivated mainly in Southern China and Shandong province.

2. Tea Olive (Bloom time: November-December)

Flowers That Bloom in November

Among the numerous flowers that bloom in November, tea olive undoubtedly ranks in the top three. Belonging to the Camellia family, it shares its lineage with tea, Camellia, Camellia oleifera, and Camellia japonica. It’s one of the nationally protected plants in China.

Its golden-yellow flowers are strikingly beautiful, as if they are covered with a layer of wax, giving them a crystal-clear and glossy, semi-transparent look. These flowers bloom individually at the leaf axils, opening up into cup, pot, or bowl shapes.

The golden-yellow variety was first discovered by Chinese scientists in the Nanning region of Guangxi in 1960 and was named tea olive. Internationally, it’s often referred to as the magical oriental tea, praised as the “panda of the plant world” and the “queen of the tea family”.

3. Christmas Cactus (Bloom time: October to February next year)

Flowers That Bloom in November

The Christmas cactus, known for its unique bloom in the cold season, is another notable flower that blooms in November. Also known as crab cactus or holiday cactus, its bloom time spans from October to February the following year.

It is vibrant and uniquely shaped, making it an ideal indoor plant, often grafted onto other plants to encourage more vigorous growth. Despite blooming in winter, the Christmas cactus prefers warm, semi-shaded environments and does not tolerate cold well.

It should be moved indoors during winter, with temperatures not dropping below 10°C (50°F). To extend its bloom time, one could adjust the lighting conditions.

4. Chrysanthemum (Bloom time: September-November)

Flowers That Bloom in November

Chrysanthemum, one of the top ten famous flowers in China and part of the “Four Gentlemen” (plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum), is also one of the four major cut flowers worldwide (chrysanthemum, rose, carnation, and iris), with the highest yield. Its blooming period from September to November makes it an iconic autumn flower.

Be it the various cultivated varieties such as standard chrysanthemums, desktop chrysanthemums, cliff chrysanthemums, dahlia chrysanthemums, small dahlia chrysanthemums, Japanese small chrysanthemums, or the wild ones like Eupatorium, Nephelium, Artemisia, Ageratum, Red Daisy, and Aster, they all bloom profusely in autumn, offering a captivating sight.

Chrysanthemums are not only highly ornamental but also have medicinal properties. Regular consumption or drinking chrysanthemum tea is believed to promote longevity.

5. Poinsettia (Bloom time: November-June next year)

Flowers That Bloom in November

What flower blooms in November? The poinsettia does, and its blooming period starts in November and extends until June of the following year.

Also known as Christmas Star, Mexican flame leaf, Easter flower, and others, the actual flowers of the poinsettia are small, yellow-green and cluster in groups of three within the red bracts.

The outer bracts are large, beautiful, and come in various colors such as bright red, orange-yellow, purplish-red, and milky white, often mistaken for flower petals.

Their leaf-like shape gives the plant its name “leaf flower”. Native to Brazil in South America, poinsettia prefers warm, humid, and sunny environments.

It is adaptable and is widely distributed in southern regions, and it can also be grown in colder northern regions.

In the south of China, it’s planted in yards and parks, while in the north, it’s grown in greenhouses, making it a highly ornamental plant.

6. Bird of Paradise (Bloom time: Winter)

Flowers That Bloom in November

The bird of paradise, also known as the crane flower, blooms in winter. It originates from South Africa, and it’s grown in parks and gardens of major cities in southern China, while it’s grown in greenhouses in the north.

Its leaf is long, ovate, and spear-shaped, measuring 25-45 cm in length and 10 cm in width.

The leaf apex is sharply pointed, and the petiole is slender. Several flowers grow on the floral stem, underpinned by a boat-lily-like spathe. The spathe is green with purplish-red edges, and the sepals are orange-yellow while the petals are dark blue.

The bird of paradise can bloom for about 100 days, with each flower lasting for 13-15 days. When one flower fades, another one blooms.

As a cut flower, it can last 15-20 days, often arranged in a natural style with other leaves and flowers, reminiscent of a couple in love, making it an excellent choice for indoor decoration.

7. Beautyberry (Bloom time: May-November)

Flowers That Bloom in November

Beautyberry not only blooms in November, but it also has a particularly long blooming period, from May to November. Originally from South America, it belongs to the Verbenaceae family, a perennial herbaceous plant suitable for growing in temperatures between 5-25℃.

Its flowers are small, densely packed, umbrella-shaped, with colors ranging from white, pink, red to mixed, and are fragrant. It’s an excellent ground cover material, used in city road green belts, roundabouts, slopes, flower beds, etc.

Whether planted with mixed colors or single colors, the multicolor mixture displays its vibrant diversity, while single color planting can form a color block.

8. Dahlia (Bloom time: June-December)

Flowers That Bloom in November

What flowers bloom in November? Dahlias certainly do. Dahlias are perennials with a blooming period from June to December and a fruiting period from September to October. They have large, baton-like tubers.

Dahlias have upright stems, many branches, and they grow 1.5-2 meters tall and are robust. Their colors are not only red, yellow, orange, purple, light red, and white, but they also come in many more splendid shades.

They originate from Mexico, where they are seen as a symbol of generosity and beauty, which is why they are considered the national flower.

Dahlias have many varieties, rich and colorful, and they are one of the world’s famous flowers. Their roots contain inulin, which has the same medical effect as glucose. They also activate blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis, thus they have certain medicinal value.

9. Red Bauhinia (Bloom time: November-April next year)

Flowers That Bloom in November

The Red Bauhinia, also known as the Red Orchid Tree, belongs to the Fabaceae family and is an evergreen tree that grows 6-10 meters tall. It’s a beautiful ornamental tree that blooms from November to April of the following year.

The flowers are as large as a hand, either red or purplish-red, with five petals evenly distributed in a radial arrangement, either red or pink, which is very beautiful. When the Red Bauhinia is in full bloom, the flowers fill the tree.

It stays green all year round, and it is quite resistant to dust, making it especially suitable as a street tree. When the flowers are in bloom, they give off a scent similar to orchids, hence it is also called the “Orchid Tree”.

10. Chinese Rose (Bloom time: August-November)

Flowers That Bloom in November

What flowers bloom in November? As we all know, the Chinese rose is one of the seasonal flowers in October.

The Chinese rose, also known as Hibiscus, Frost-Resisting Flower, and Wooden Lotus, is a small tree or shrub, originally from the Yellow River Basin, East China, and South China, and it blooms from August to November.

The flowers are white, pink, or red, like a lotus emerging from the water, as splendid as a lotus petal unfolding. Because it grows on land and is a woody plant, it is also called the “wooden lotus”.

The Chinese rose changes its flower three times a day, so it is also called the “Three-Change Flower”.

Its flowers bloom in late autumn, remaining beautiful despite frost and dew, fully embodying the charm of deep autumn, which is why it is also called the “Frost-Resisting Flower.

The flowers and leaves of the Chinese rose can be used as medicine, having the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying, reducing swelling, discharging pus, cooling blood, and stopping bleeding.

The Chinese rose is also the city flower of Chengdu, and its flower language represents delicate beauty, chastity, and purity.