32 Types of Flowers That Bloom in Summer

What flowers bloom in summer? Rabindranath Tagore once said, “Life is as splendid as summer flowers.” Even in the scorching summer, there are still many flowers that vie for attention and bloom beautifully in the sweltering heat.

As the weather gets hotter, many flower enthusiasts are asking about suitable summer flowers.

Today, I will recommend 18 heat-resistant and sun-tolerant flowers that bloom, making your balcony beautiful during the summer!

1. Lotus

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Lotus, growing in water, blooms from June to September.

In the summer, you can always see delicate lotus flowers standing gracefully on the green lotus pond, creating the picturesque scene described as “The endless green lotus leaves under the sun, reflecting the unique red of lotus flowers.”

The fruit of lotus, lotus seeds, can be eaten and used to make delicious lotus seed soup.

2. Carnation


Carnations also bloom in summer, usually from May to July. Its leaves are lush green, and the flowers have a subtle fragrance. When Mother’s Day arrives in May, it is the time when carnations are in full bloom. Choosing a bouquet of carnations as a gift for your mother is a beautiful expression of love.

3. Jasmine

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Jasmine is a favorite of many flower enthusiasts. It is a must-have in summer because its fragrance is simply enchanting. The flowers can also be picked and used for making tea.

The moment hot water is poured into the cup, the fragrance fills the air.

The aroma of dried jasmine tea is incomparable. Note that jasmine has a cooling nature, so it should not be consumed excessively when making tea.

Jasmine flowers usually bloom from May to November. They have pure white flowers with a strong fragrance.

Jasmine cultivation is very simple, just remember these seven words: “ample water, ample fertilizer, ample sunlight.” With sufficient water and nutrients, abundant sunlight, and timely pruning after each flowering, jasmine can continue to bloom until late autumn.

4. Lily


Lilies also generally bloom in summer. Their immaculate white flowers are fragrant and make an excellent choice as a gift.

Additionally, lilies have great medicinal value. They can nourish yin, moisturize the lungs, and calm the mind. They can also be used as ingredients to create delicious dishes, such as lily and tremella soup.

5. Night-blooming Cereus

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Night-blooming cereus is one of the rarest flowers in summer. It is often referred to as “a flower that blooms for one night.” The blooming time of its flowers is extremely short, usually lasting only about four hours, and they often bloom quietly at night.

If we want to witness the rare beauty of the night-blooming cereus, we need to be prepared during the summer months of June to August, observe closely, and be attentive, as we might miss the beautiful moment of its blooming.

6. Sunflower

Sunflowers bloom in summer with golden flowers that resemble the radiant sun in the sky. They always face towards the sun, earning them the name “sunflowers.”

Sunflower seeds can be harvested and then dried and roasted, which are commonly consumed as sunflower seeds.

7. Gardenia

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Gardenia, also known as Cape jasmine or yellow gardenia, is an evergreen shrub belonging to the Gentianales order and Rubiaceae family.

It prefers a warm, humid, and sunny environment, tolerates cold temperatures, partial shade, and dislikes waterlogging. It requires loose, fertile, and acidic sandy loam soil and is native to China.

The language of gardenia flowers is “eternal love, lifelong waiting, and joy.

8. Water Lily

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Water lilies are light-loving plants that generally grow in water. Their peak blooming season is from June to August.

Water lilies have strong ornamental value and are often used in southern gardens for their beauty. They also have excellent water purification capabilities and high medicinal value.

9. Aster

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Asters, with their fluffy and delicate small flowers, make excellent companions for other plants. Planting them in mixed flower beds can enhance a soft impression.

Trimming the flower stems after blooming to a few nodes will stimulate lateral buds to grow and bloom again. They can also bloom in autumn.

Asters prefer cool and well-ventilated conditions with abundant sunlight, and they are cold-resistant. Their flowering period is generally from May to August.

10. Bougainvillea

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Bougainvillea comes in various cultivars and has strong adaptability. It is widely distributed in both southern and colder northern regions. It is native to Brazil.

In southern China, it is planted in courtyards and parks, while in the north, it is cultivated in greenhouses. Bougainvillea is a beautiful ornamental plant that is currently popular among people.

Bougainvillea thrives in abundant sunlight and prefers a warm and humid climate. It is not cold-tolerant. Bougainvillea blooms from spring to autumn, usually from March to September.

As long as it receives sufficient light, warmth, water, and fertilizer, it can bloom throughout the year.

11. Orchid

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Orchids are one of the top ten famous flowers in China, and they bloom in various months. Orchids also bloom in June and August.

Since ancient times, the quiet and beautiful nature of orchids, which don’t compete with other flowers, has been appreciated by countless literati. Orchids are often used as a metaphor for one’s noble character.

12. Canna Lily

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

“No summer without Canna.” Canna lilies have a long flowering period, and their flowers are often wrinkled and curled, ranging in color from yellowish-brown to brown.

The flowering period of Canna lilies is from May to August. With their bright colors and large flower quantities, they add a vibrant touch to the summer.

They have strong adaptability and can withstand drought, cold, and high temperatures. Canna lilies bloom from June to September.

13. Portulaca

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Portulaca comes in vibrant colors and is easy to cultivate. Some varieties have an upright growth habit, while others have a trailing habit, making them suitable for hanging baskets. They are highly popular in gardens as ornamental flowers.

Growing habits: Portulaca is a long-day plant that prefers a warm and sunny environment. It can tolerate temperatures above 35°C in summer. Portulaca flowering period: April to October.

14. Peony

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Peony is a herbaceous flowering plant belonging to the order Saxifragales, family Paeoniaceae. It prefers a warm, cool, dry, and sunny environment.

The optimal temperature for peony flowering is around 17-20°C, and it can withstand temperatures as low as -30°C.

15. Rose

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

The rose, also known as white faded flower, has been renowned as a beautiful flower since ancient times. It is the flower of the deciduous shrub wild rose, belonging to the Rosaceae family.

There are various types of roses, such as the Pink Cluster Rose, with single petals in pink color, blooming in clusters or umbels; the Seven Sisters Rose, characterized by larger leaves and multiple petals, often forming flat umbel inflorescences.

The Lotus Rose, with heavily-petaled flowers in pale peach color resembling lotus flowers; and the Yellow Rose, known for its vibrant color and early blooming, highly cherished in the horticultural field. The floral language of roses is the yearning of love.

16. Pansy

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Pansies bloom in summer, displaying colors of yellow, white, and purple. They possess high ornamental value and are commonly planted in gardens for admiration. They are also chosen to adorn the edges of lawns or to decorate rooms, adding an elegant touch.

17. Bellflower

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Bellflowers have beautiful flower shapes and come in various colors such as red, purple, green, and white. They are often given as gifts to symbolize the watchfulness of love.

Additionally, bellflowers hold significant medicinal value and can be used to dispel phlegm, promote expectoration, and soothe the throat.

18. Gentian

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

If you could only cultivate one type of flower in summer, Blue Enchantress recommends growing gentians.

Gentians are true flowering machines, and they are extremely easy to care for, making them beginner-friendly. You don’t need to worry about accidentally killing them or facing issues with lack of blooming.

Moreover, the color of gentian flowers is exceptionally elegant. The clusters of delicate, pale blue flowers sway in the breeze, providing a cool sensation.

If the flowers fade, simply trim and fertilize them promptly, and they will quickly bloom again. Gentians can start blooming from early summer and continue until deep autumn.

19. Rock Cress

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Rock cress is an evergreen plant with beautiful foliage and vibrant flowers. It emits a pleasant fragrance and has a long flowering period, making it widely used for embellishing city squares and parks.

It is also beloved as a potted plant for home decoration. It is referred to as a “plant that never withers in winter or wilts in summer.”

Rock cress thrives in warm and sunny conditions and is not tolerant of cold temperatures.

Mature plants are prone to rotting in hot and humid summers, so timely pruning and propagation through cuttings are recommended for rejuvenation. The flowering period of rock cress is from May to October.

20. Chinese rose

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Referred to as the “Queen of Flowers” or “Monthly Red,” Chinese rose belong to the Rosaceae family. They are evergreen or semi-evergreen, low-growing shrubs that bloom throughout the year.

The flowers are mostly red, occasionally white, making them suitable for both ornamental and medicinal purposes. They are commonly known as Chinese rose.

Rose’s floral language: Waiting for hopeful hope, happiness, glory, and evergreen beauty.

Chinese rose come in various cultivars, with large and vibrant flowers, abundant blooming, intense fragrance, and adaptability to both northern and southern regions.

They thrive in environments with abundant sunlight, tolerate heat, and have strong adaptability.

21. Banana Shrub

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Banana shrub is a perennial herbaceous plant. It can reach a height of 100-150 centimeters, with thick rhizomes.

The stems and leaves have a white powder coating, and the leaf blades are broad and elliptical. The inflorescence is terminal and can reach a diameter of 20 centimeters.

The flowers have four petal-like staminodes and come in colors ranging from creamy white, yellow, orange-red, pink, to deep red and purple.

Banana shrub’s floral language: A solid future.

22. Gold Lace Flower

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Gold lace flower, also known as lace flower, has blue-purple flowers arranged in clusters and emits a chocolate fragrance.

It is also a very easy-to-grow woody flower, with vigorous growth. If grown in pots on balconies during the growing season in spring, it is necessary to prune the branches and control the growth, as it can take up space.

If cultivated in a garden, it can be allowed to grow freely, forming a beautiful large flowering tree. Gold lace flower is hardy and easy to care for, so even beginners don’t need to worry about keeping it alive. It can be confidently cultivated.

23. Beauty Cherry

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Beauty cherry, also known as Four O’Clocks, is an annual herbaceous flower. It has graceful posture, rich colors, and captivating blossoms that resemble a sea of flowers, leaving people lingering and reluctant to leave. The plant forms dense clusters, and the flowering part is in an umbrella-like inflorescence.

The flower colors include white, red, blue, pale green, and pink, making it suitable for potted ornamentation or flower bed arrangements.

Beauty cherry prefers sunlight and is not shade-tolerant. It can withstand cold temperatures and shade variations but is not drought-tolerant.

It thrives in well-drained, fertile soil with abundant sunlight, resulting in lush blooms. It can overwinter in exposed areas with a relatively warm climate in Shanghai. The flowering period of beauty cherry is from May to November.

24. Fragrant Trumpet Vine/Red Cicada Flower

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

In addition to the Blue Snowflake Flower and the Golden Dew Flower, there is another vine called Fragrant Trumpet Vine that blooms like a trumpet and is also suitable for summer cultivation.

The flowering period of Fragrant Trumpet Vine is also long, and it blooms continuously from the beginning of summer.

Here, it is important to note that Fragrant Trumpet Vine and Red Cicada Flower are two different plants. Currently, in the market, most vendors sell Red Cicada Flower as Fragrant Trumpet Vine.

So many flower enthusiasts find that their Fragrant Trumpet Vine doesn’t have a fragrance when it blooms and doesn’t like to climb the trellis. In fact, they have purchased Red Cicada Flower, not the genuine Fragrant Trumpet Vine.

25. Milan Flower

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

In addition to Jasmine, there is Milan Flower, which is also very suitable for summer cultivation. Milan Flower is named because its flowers resemble small grains of rice when they bloom.

Although the flowers are visually appealing, they have a strong and pleasant fragrance.

Milan Flower prefers warmth, is evergreen throughout the year, and has beautiful leaves. It belongs to the category of aromatic plants with both ornamental flowers and leaves. In regions where winters are not very cold, it can be grown.

26. Four O’Clock Flower

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Four O’Clock Flower is also one of the attention-worthy ornamental flowers in summer. The common light pink varieties are relatively robust and easy to grow.

They are suitable for ground planting, where you can scatter some seeds and they will grow into a beautiful display without much maintenance.

If you prefer container gardening, you can choose imported dwarf or trailing varieties of Four O’Clock Flower.

However, compared to the upright light pink varieties, these imported varieties have lower resistance. They are more susceptible to stem rot in rainy weather.

They are more suitable for potted plants or outdoor ground planting. It is recommended to choose varieties of general quality, which are more robust.

27. Hibiscus

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Hibiscus has a rich variety of colors, large and heavily petalled flowers, and tall plants. It is suitable for planting along walls, roadsides, slopes, and water edges, both in rows or clusters. It can also be used as a background material for flower beds.

Hibiscus prefers sunlight and is not tolerant of shade. Its underground parts are resistant to cold, so it can overwinter in the northern regions of China. The flowering period of Hibiscus is from June to August.

28. Cosmos Flower

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Cosmos Flower is also very suitable for mass planting. It grows fast, has a long flowering period, and requires simple maintenance.

Just scatter some seeds, and a beautiful display will grow. However, Cosmos Flower tends to grow tall. It is recommended to plant it in a sunny and wind-sheltered location. During the seedling stage, attention should be paid to thinning to reduce lodging.

29. Bougainvillea

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Bougainvillea is suitable for large flower beds and flower arrangements, as it creates a particularly beautiful landscape effect.

Dwarf varieties of Bougainvillea are suitable for container gardening, such as beautifying windowsills and balconies, or as decorative plants near houses and steps. They have vibrant colors and create a lively atmosphere.

Bougainvillea prefers a warm and sunny environment and is not tolerant of cold. The flowering period of Bougainvillea is in summer and autumn.

30. China Aster

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Similar to Cosmos Flower, China Aster is also suitable for mass planting. The flowers of China Aster give a more rustic feel. It is recommended to choose dwarf varieties when planting China Aster.

31. Marigold

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Both Cosmos Flower and China Aster are relatively tall, while Marigold plants are more compact and suitable for ground cover. They can also be grown in containers, although they have an unpleasant odor.

Marigold is similar to Chrysanthemum, with the main difference being the color of the flowers.

Marigold flowers are bicolored, with one color on the front of the petals and another color on the back, while Chrysanthemums usually have a single color. Personally, I prefer Marigold as it has more vibrant colors.

32. Morning Glory Vine

Flowers That Bloom in Summer

Morning Glory Vine, like the Morning Glory flower, can twine and climb around support structures. It produces small star-shaped flowers, also known as star flowers. The color is deep red and vibrant, and the flowering period is long.

Morning Glory Vine is an annual herb that prefers sunlight and a warm, moist, and sunny environment. It is not tolerant of cold. The flowering period of Morning Glory Vine is from June to November.