10 Flowers That Bloom in April

April, according to the solar calendar, is the most beautiful season when the grass grows and the orioles fly, and a hundred flowers bloom in unison. Therefore, many flowers bloom in April.

In the following, I’ll share with you ten types of flowers that bloom in April, specifically: azaleas, pear blossoms, peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, tulips, rape blossoms, hyacinths, forsythias, Bauhinia, and violets.

These are all flowers that have their blooming period in April. Let’s get to know them in detail.

1. Azalea – Blooming Season: Spring

When asked what flowers bloom in April, Azalea comes to mind instantly. It’s a famous flowering plant that typically blooms in spring. Each cluster bears 2-6 flowers with funnel-shaped crowns in shades of red, light red, apricot, snow blue, white, etc., making the flower splendid and vibrant.

The Azalea gets its name from the ancient belief of a nightingale that wailed day and night, coughed up blood, and dyed the flowers across the mountain red. Due to the bright red color of the Azalea’s corolla, it is highly valued for viewing and is cultivated in parks worldwide.

In China, Jiangxi, Anhui, and Guizhou provinces have chosen the Azalea as their provincial flower, and about seven or eight cities such as Changsha, Wuxi, Jiujiang, Zhenjiang, Dali, Jiaxing, and Ganzhou have chosen it as their city flower. In May 1985, Azalea was rated as one of China’s top ten famous flowers.

2. Pear Blossom – Blooming Season: March-May

When considering flowers that bloom in April, pear blossoms certainly top the list. The pear blossom is the flower that blooms on the pear tree from March to May.

It has a very gentle flower form with slightly large petals and a pure white body, much like a snowflake, with a light fragrance. Pear blossoms have been cultivated in our country for over 2000 years, with many types and varieties, a long history, and have been deeply loved by people since ancient times.

The unadorned elegance of the pear blossom has won the admiration of poets. The fruit that the pear blossom bears can be eaten and used medicinally, making it highly valued for both its practical and ornamental uses.

3. Peach Blossom – Blooming Season: March-April

The peach blossom is the flower that blooms on the peach tree and is a seasonally fresh flower in April. The flower grows individually, in white, pink, and red shades, blooming from March to April, with variants in deep red, scarlet, pure white, and red-white mixed color changes, as well as double-petal and multiple-petal types.

Peach blossoms symbolize being captivated by love. As one of the important flowering trees in early spring, peach blossom festivals are held in various places from March to June each year, using the peach blossom as a medium.

Peach blossoms not only have high ornamental value, but they are also commonly used in literary creation. Additionally, the elements in peach blossoms have medicinal value in unblocking meridians and moisturizing the skin. They can also be made into peach blossom pills, peach blossom tea, and other food products.

4. Apricot Blossom – Blooming Season: March-April

When it comes to flowers that bloom in April, we cannot overlook apricot blossoms. The apricot blossom, the flower that blooms on the apricot tree, blooms individually, opening before the leaves.

The petals are white or slightly reddish, blooming from March to April, and fruiting from June to July. Apricot blossoms are one of China’s renowned ornamental trees. Their vibrant elegance, multicolored blossoms, and captivating charm capture the essence of spring.

Every year in March and April, various locations hold Apricot Blossom Festivals, providing great spots for visitors to stroll, picnic, and photograph. Apricot blossoms are an ancient species that has been cultivated in China for at least two to three thousand years.

They are widely distributed and have even been selected as the city flower of Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province.

5. Tulip – Blooming Season: March-May

Tulips, part of the lily family, are world-renowned bulbous flowers and excellent cut flower varieties.

They bloom from March to May and are one of the seasonal flowers in April. Tulips are sturdy and elegant, with beautiful leaves and graceful lotus-like blossoms that captivate people. They are believed to have originated in Turkey and are seen as symbols of victory and beauty in Europe and America.

Many countries, including the Netherlands, Iran, and Turkey, treasure them as national flowers. Tulips bloom every spring with large, vibrant, single flowers at the top, red or mixed with white and yellow. Sometimes they are white or yellow, 5-7 cm long and 2-4 cm wide.

6. Rapeseed Flower – Blooming Season: March-April

Also known as canola, the rapeseed flower originated in Europe and Central Asia. It is an annual herb of the Brassicaceae family and one of the flowers that bloom in April.

In China, rapeseed flowers are concentrated in Jiangxi Wuyuan Huangling, Hanzhong Basin, Jiangling Terraced Fields, Yunnan Luoping Plain, Qinghai Menyuan Plateau, etc. Every year in March and April, when rapeseed flowers bloom in abundance, the mountains and plains are strikingly golden, attracting butterflies and bees to dance among the flowers.

Besides, the tender stems and leaves of the rapeseed flower can also be eaten as vegetables.

7. Hyacinth – Blooming Season: March-April

Hyacinth, one of the famous bulbous flowers, is an essential potted plant that blooms from March to April.

The plant is low and neat, and based on its flower color, it can be roughly divided into eight strains: blue, pink, white, goose yellow, purple, yellow, scarlet, and red.

The Hyacinth resembles a large garlic before it blooms, and after blooming, the flowers are elegant, colorful, and graceful, making it one of the first choices for home-grown bulbous flowers.

Hyacinths have dust filtration functions, and their fragrance can stabilize emotions and alleviate fatigue.

In addition to viewing, their flowers can also be used to extract aromatic oils; however, the bulbs are toxic, and accidental ingestion can cause dizziness, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and other symptoms.

8. Winter Jasmine – Blooming Season: February-April

What flowers bloom in April? April falls in the heart of spring, and winter jasmine is a bloom to consider. Winter jasmine flowers bloom individually on branches that grew the previous year, opening before the leaves.

They bloom from February to April and are named for being the earliest blooming among many flowers, signaling the arrival of spring, when many flowers bloom together. Along with plum blossoms, daffodils, and camellias, they are referred to as the “Four Friends of the Snow.

Also known as Yingchun, Golden Jasmine, and Gold Belt, they have been cultivated in China for over 1,000 years and are one of the common flowers in China. When winter jasmine blooms, it has a light fragrance.

The flowers are golden yellow with a hint of red, giving it an elegant and beautiful appearance. They are loved for their ability to withstand cold, adaptability, and non-picky nature regarding soil.

9. Bauhinia – Blooming Season: March-April

Commonly known as Redbud, Bauhinia, also known as the Naked Branch Tree or Purple Pearl, belongs to the legume family and is a deciduous tree or shrub. It is one of the flowers that bloom in April, with a flowering period from March to April and a fruiting period from August to October.

When bauhinia blooms, the flowers are purple-red or pink, with 2-10 flowers in a cluster, mostly growing on the main trunk and old branches. The flowers usually open before the leaves, but those on young branches or young plants bloom simultaneously with the leaves.

Each flower is 1-1.3 cm long. Bauhinia is native to China, likes sunlight, and has a certain cold resistance. It prefers fertile, well-drained soil, does not tolerate waterlogging, and has a rather extensive growth management. It has high medicinal and ornamental value.

10. Violet – Blooming Season: April-May

What flowers bloom in April? Violets are one of the ten types of flowers that bloom in April. Violets are biennial or perennial herbs of the Cruciferae and Violet genus, blooming from April to May.

Violets have an elegant plant shape, thick leaves that are long-oval to spatulate or spoon-shaped, and a rich green leaf color.

They produce quite dazzling flowers, which are abundant, brightly colored, and strongly scented, giving a sense of elegance and romance, making them beloved by many flower enthusiasts.

Native to the Mediterranean coast, they are one of the famous flowers of Europe and are widely cultivated in southern China. They can be grown in gardens or greenhouses and have high ornamental value.