10 Flowers That Bloom in December

It’s already winter in December, and although it’s a season when most things wither, there are still some flowers that bloom vibrantly despite the cold.

Some well-known flowers that bloom in December include plum blossoms, winter chrysanthemums, Camellia chrysantha, leafy flowers, Dendrobium, and Cyclamen. Apart from these, do you know any other seasonal flowers for December?

In the following text, I will share with you ten types of flowers that bloom in December. Let’s get to know them in detail.

1. Plum Blossom – Blooms in winter and spring

Plum Blossom - Blooms in winter and spring

When talking about flowers blooming in December, the plum blossom undoubtedly takes the spotlight. Known as one of China’s top ten famous flowers, it is listed as one of the “Four Gentlemen”, along with the orchid, bamboo, and chrysanthemum.

It also belongs to the “Three Friends of Winter”, alongside the pine and bamboo. With a bloom season spanning winter to spring, and a fruiting period from May to June, the plum blossom, originating from southern China, has been cultivated for over three thousand years. Its varieties serve both aesthetic and fruit-bearing purposes.

Not only does it bloom first among hundreds of flowers in harsh winters, but it also inspires us with its lofty, strong, and modest character. The flowers can be grown in the open air for viewing or potted.

Its fresh flowers can extract essence, and the flower, leaf, root, and seeds can all be used medicinally; the fruit can be eaten, pickled, or smoked to produce black plums, which have cough-relieving, diarrhea-stopping, saliva-inducing, and thirst-quenching effects.

2. Winter Chrysanthemum – Blooms from December to February of the following year

Winter Chrysanthemum - Blooms from December to February of the following year

Among the flowers that bloom in December, winter chrysanthemums certainly rank in the top three. Unlike ordinary chrysanthemums that mostly bloom in autumn, winter chrysanthemums, also known as cold chrysanthemums, start blooming in December and continue until around February, making them the latest blooming variety among all chrysanthemums.

They have slightly higher cold tolerance than other varieties, and even bloom amid snowy weather. During its peak bloom period in winter, sunlight is its best supplement. With at least eight hours of sunlight each day, blooming is guaranteed.

Also, remember to water it less during winter, as it prefers slightly moist soil over waterlogged conditions.

3. Golden Camellia – Blooms from November to December

Golden Camellia - Blooms from November to December

When considering flowers that bloom in December, the Golden Camellia is a renowned winter flower. It blooms from November to December and belongs to the same family as tea, camellia, oil camellia, and tea flower.

It is one of the national first-class protected plants. The flowers of the Golden Camellia are dazzlingly golden, appearing as if coated in a layer of wax, giving them a translucent, lustrous look. These flowers, when blooming, are cup-shaped, pot-shaped, or bowl-shaped, delicate, and elegant.

The Golden Camellia was first discovered by Chinese scientists in Nanning, Guangxi, in 1960 and was named for its golden color. Abroad, it is known as the “Magical Oriental Tea,” and is heralded as the “Panda of the Plant World” and the “Queen of the Tea Family.”

4. Bougainvillea – Blooms from November to June of the following year

Bougainvillea - Blooms from November to June of the following year

Bougainvillea, also known as paper flower, not only blooms in December, but it also has an exceptionally long blooming period. In hot regions, it blooms from November until June of the following year.

When it blooms, the flowers are small and yellow-green, clustered within three large and beautiful red bracts. The vibrant bracts, available in bright red, orange, purple-red, and milky white, are often mistaken for petals. Because they resemble leaves, the plant is called “leaf flower.”

Native to Brazil in South America, bougainvillea comes in various types and thrives in warm, humid, and sunny environments. It is adaptable and widely distributed in southern China, but it can also be cultivated in colder northern regions.

In southern China, it is grown in courtyards and parks, while in the north, it is grown in greenhouses, making it a plant with high ornamental value.

5. Bird of Paradise – Blooms in winter

Bird of Paradise - Blooms in winter

Wondering what flower blooms in December? The Bird of Paradise is a variety that blooms in winter. Also known as Strelitzia, it originates from South Africa. In China, it is cultivated in parks and gardens in the southern cities and greenhouses in the north.

The leaves of the Bird of Paradise are elongated and lance-shaped, 25-45cm long and 10cm wide. The flowers bloom on the flower stalk, supported by a green bract with purple-red edges. The sepals are orange-yellow, and the petals are dark blue.

The flowering period of Bird of Paradise can last around 100 days, with each flower blooming for 13-15 days. As one flower fades, another opens in succession.

Cut flowers can last for 15-20 days, and when arranging them, it is common to use two stems of different heights for a natural look. This plant is a good choice for indoor viewing.

6. Cyclamen – Blooms from December to April of the following year

Cyclamen - Blooms from December to April of the following year

Cyclamen, also known as rabbit ear flower, fire flower, or primrose, is a flower that blooms in December, and it has a relatively long flowering period, from December to April of the following year. Later blooming varieties can even flower in May and June.

Originally from Greece, Syria, and Lebanon, cyclamen is now a commonly cultivated flower. It’s suitable for indoor pot cultivation, but needs greenhouse cultivation in winter. Cyclamen has strong resistance to the toxic gas sulfur dioxide in the air.

Its leaves can absorb sulfur dioxide and convert it into non-toxic or low-toxicity substances such as sulfates through oxidation. Furthermore, cyclamen is the city flower of Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, and was also the mascot of the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships held in Tianjin in 1995.

7. Red Bauhinia – Blooms from November to April of the following year

Red Bauhinia - Blooms from November to April of the following year

Wondering which flowers bloom in December? As many people know, the Red Bauhinia is one of the seasonal flowers in December. The Red Bauhinia is a member of the legume family, an evergreen tree that grows to a height of 6-10 meters.

It’s a beautiful ornamental tree, also known as Red Orchid Tree, Hong Kong Orchid Tree, and Bauhinia Flower. It blooms from November to April of the following year. The flowers are as large as a palm and come in red or purplish-red.

The five petals are evenly arranged in a circle, which is very beautiful. When the Red Bauhinia is in full bloom, it is covered with flowers and remains green all year round. It is particularly resistant to smoke and dust, making it suitable as a street tree.

When it blooms, it gives off a fragrance similar to an orchid, which is why it is also known as the “Orchid Tree”.

8. Christmas Cactus – Blooms from October to February

Christmas Cactus - Blooms from October to February

There are quite a few flowers that bloom in December, and the Christmas Cactus is one of the most well-known winter flowers. Also known as crab cactus, crab’s claw cactus, and flower cactus, its blooming period is from October to February of the following year.

The Christmas Cactus is brightly colored and uniquely shaped, making it a great plant for indoor cultivation. It is often grafted onto other plants to achieve vigorous growth. Although the Christmas Cactus blooms in winter, it is not very cold-resistant.

It prefers a warm, humid, and semi-shaded environment, so it’s best to bring it indoors during winter. The minimum temperature should not drop below 10°C. If you want to extend the blooming period of the Christmas Cactus, you can adjust it through light control.

9. Dahlia – Blooms from June to December

Dahlia - Blooms from June to December

Wondering what flowers bloom in December? Dahlias definitely make the list. Dahlias are perennial herbs that bloom from June to December and bear fruit from September to October. They have large, rod-like tuberous roots.

Dahlia stems are upright, heavily branched, and robust, reaching heights of 1.5-2 meters. The flowers not only come in solid colors like red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, and white, but also in a variety of dazzling colors.

Native to Mexico, dahlias are seen as symbols of generosity and splendor, which is why they are the national flower of Mexico. With numerous colors and shapes, dahlias are considered one of the most famous flowers in the world.

The roots contain inulin, which has the same medical benefits as glucose. They can also activate blood circulation and remove stasis, offering significant medicinal value.

10. Narcissus – Blooms from December to April

Narcissus - Blooms from December to April

What flowers bloom in December? The Narcissus, also known as the Daffodil, not only blooms in December but also has an especially long flowering period, typically from December to the end of April.

The Narcissus is a perennial herb from the Amaryllidaceae family. Its scientific name is Christmas Galanthus, and it’s also commonly known as the “Star of Longevity” or “Good Luck Flower”. With a rich variety of shapes and colors, its small, delicate buds cluster into large flower balls, making it highly ornamental.

Additionally, it carries the beautiful symbolism of longevity and good luck, making it a favorite among many flower enthusiasts.