Top 10 Most Beautiful Pink Flowers

Pink symbolizes adorable sweetness, gentleness, and innocence. Whether it’s a vibrant pink or a charming baby pink, each possesses a unique charm. Pink flowers are especially popular.

Do you know what pink flowers are out there?

I’ve compiled a list of the ten most beautiful pink flowers, such as: Rose, Plum Blossom, Cherry Blossom, China Rose, Peony, Begonia, and Butterfly Orchid. Let’s explore them together.

1. Zhao Fen Peony – one of the four famous varieties

What’s a beautiful pink flower? I nominate Zhao Fen. Alongside Yao Huang, Wei Zi, and Dou Lu, Zhao Fen is one of the four renowned peony varieties and the youngest among them. According to the “Sangli Garden Peony Spectrum”, “Zhao Fen is a cultivar created from Bing Ling Zhaohongshi, relocated from Luoyang to the Zhao family garden in Caozhou.

It’s richly fragrant and prolific in blooming, with single, semi-double, and double flower forms. Some trees even bear all three flower types.” Its advantages are particularly significant, giving it a far-reaching reputation. Named for its pink flowers, it was traditionally called “child’s face”.

It offers diverse flower forms, vigorous growth, and high flower yield. It is a multiple-flower variety with a pleasant fragrance.

2. Plum Blossom – the top of China’s ten famous flowers

In the inventory of the most beautiful pink flowers, the Plum Blossom, at the top of China’s ten famous flowers, is a must. The Plum Blossom has various colors, including pink, purplish-red, pale yellow, light ink, and pure white. Pink is the most common. During the Republic of China era, the Plum Blossom was considered the “national flower”.

Cities such as Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Wuxi, Wuhan, and Meizhou have designated it as the “city flower”. It is also listed as one of the “Four Gentlemen”, alongside orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemums, and is known as one of the “Three Friends of Winter” together with pine and bamboo.

The Plum Blossom is not only beautiful in shape but also unique in fragrance, elegant, and refined. It has been praised as a “hidden fragrance” by literati over the centuries.

3. Cherry Blossom – National flower of Japan

In the world of pink flowers, the Cherry Blossom, recognized as Japan’s national flower, remains incredibly popular. The Cherry Blossom is vibrant and lush, making it an important tree for spring flower viewing.

It is often used for ornamental purposes in gardens, planted in groups, or can be found on hillsides, in courtyards, along roadsides, and in front of buildings. When Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom, they are incredibly vibrant, covering the tree in a spectacular display reminiscent of clouds and rosy dawn.

Popular pink cherry blossom varieties include Mountain Cherry, Yunnan Early Cherry, Kawazu-zakura, Oshima cherry, and Prunus serrulata.

4. China Rose – the queen among the top ten famous flowers in China

The China Rose, often referred to as the queen of flowers, boasts a rich and vibrant array of colors, with nearly ten thousand varieties worldwide, and more than a thousand in China alone.

The China Rose is beautiful, diverse, and blooms throughout the seasons, making it a favorite among many. 52 cities in China have chosen it as their city flower.

In May 1985, the China Rose was ranked fifth among the top ten famous flowers in China. Its red cut flowers have become a popular gift among lovers. Famous pink varieties include Freedom Spirit, Pink Da Vinci, Cinderella, Climbing History, Climbing Sakura, Pink Snow Mountain, Daphne, and Woman’s Heritage.

5. Peony – A traditional famous flower in China

The Peony, a traditional famous flower in China, also blooms pink and serves as both a medicinal and ornamental plant. It’s suitable for special flower beds or gardens, as well as interspersed planting around the edges of forests, rocks, and courtyards.

It can also be pot-grown or used for cut flowers. The Peony is hailed as the “fairy of flowers” and one of the “six famous flowers”.

It’s also known as the “May Flower Deity” and has long been regarded as a symbol of love, making it a representative flower for the Qixi Festival. Peonies have long been a common motif in Chinese art, symbolizing friendship and love.

6. Begonia – The fairy of flowers

Begonias, known for their national beauty, have been appreciated by both the refined and popular tastes since ancient times. They are often referred to as the “fairy of flowers”, “flower concubine”, and “flower noble”.

In royal gardens, they are commonly paired with magnolias, peonies, and osmanthus. The concept of “rich and noble jade begonia” marks it as a famous ornamental tree in northern China.

In particular, the weeping begonia is a beautiful pink flower, its delicate tendrils welcoming the wind, flowers drooping like a lady with her hair over her face, expressing deep feelings and an endearing elegance.

7. Butterfly Orchid – The queen of orchids

As the name suggests, the Butterfly Orchid gets its name from its resemblance to a fluttering butterfly, earning the reputation of “the queen of orchids”. It symbolizes happiness, longevity, and abundance.

Common colors include pink, purplish-red, orange-red, red, white, and purple-blue, with variations in spots and stripes. It’s one of the most beautiful pink flowers. These flowers are vivid and charming, with rich, bright colors, a long viewing period, and many flowers.

Moreover, they can absorb harmful indoor gases, purifying the air and serving as a beautiful potted plant.

8. Coral Vine – The queen of vine plants

Coral Vine is also one of the most beautiful pink flowers. Native to Mexico, it has a long flowering period, with abundant flowers on its branches, hence it’s called the queen of vine plants.

When climbing a tree, the entire tree turns pink, making it difficult to discern whether it’s the tree or the vine blooming. The flowers are delicate and vivid, with many fragrant blooms, making it a rare gem in the summer.

Coral Vine can be cultivated in flower beds and is a good material for potted arrangements in hotels and assembly halls. It is suitable for trellises and green sheds, making it an excellent plant for landscaping and vertical greening, and one of the valuable ornamental flowers.

9. Weeping Peach

Peach blossoms are also quite common among various pink flowers. In particular, the pink Weeping Peach is one of the most beautiful varieties of peach blossoms. It typically blooms between March and April each year.

The flowers are usually single and are primarily red or range from light to deep pink, with some white flowers as well.

A distinctive feature of this variety is its drooping branches. This plant, with its large, bright flowers, has high ornamental value. It is typically planted along roadsides or arranged in parks and is also suitable for pot cultivation.

10. Carnation

Carnations, which include many variants and hybrids, can almost bloom continuously in greenhouses. They offer rich, diverse flower shapes and colors, and are valued for their beauty, charm, clove-like fragrance, and lasting freshness.

They are one of the most widely used flowers in the world. Naturally, carnations also have a place among pink flowers. For instance, famous varieties like the Pink Lady and Pink Diamond are beautiful pink flowers.