Top 10 Most Beautiful Orange Flowers

Orange is a color of joy, enthusiasm, and radiant warmth; it’s the warmest hue in the warm color spectrum. Orange flowers always evoke a passionate sensation. Do you know any orange flowers?

I have compiled a list of the ten most beautiful orange flowers: Crane Orchids, Morning Glory, Primula malacoides, Pomegranate blossoms, Lantana camara, Goldfish Plant, and Double Tuberose. Let’s explore them together.

1. Crane Orchid, City Flower of Los Angeles

Crane Orchid, popular in the range of orange flowers, has a unique shape. Its stems grow into a sharp point, resembling a tender green cone stretching diagonally forwards.

The flower grows upwards from the tip, forming an angle of nearly 90 degrees with the green front. It resembles a bird’s head, hence the name “Bird of Paradise”. The striking shape and vibrant color make it highly ornamental.

2. Morning Glory, One of the Four Traditional Climbing Flowers

Morning Glory, also known as Ipomoea, is acknowledged as one of the most beautiful orange flowers. Belonging to the Convolvulaceae family, it is one of the four traditional climbing flowers alongside wisteria, honeysuckle, and grape vines.

Its twisted, graceful branches often cling to supporting trees. The trumpet-like orange flowers interspersed among the lush green leaves create a vibrant visual effect.

3. Primula malacoides, Traditional Famous Flower

Primula malacoides is a perennial herbaceous plant and a traditional famous flower in China, also known as Auricula, Orpin, or Chinese Primrose.

It blooms in early summer with vibrant and multicolored flowers that last until autumn. Its vivid blooms make it a great choice for gardening and it’s also suitable for potted plants or cut flowers.

It’s undeniably one of the most beautiful orange flowers.

4. Pomegranate Blossom

Pomegranate Blossom is also one of the most beautiful orange flowers. The blooms, either singly or in clusters, emerge from the branch tips or leaf axils.

Its orange-red, wax-like calyx opens up like a woman’s skirt. The open petals with their natural pleats are stunningly beautiful, symbolizing mature beauty, wealth, and a prosperous family. It is favored by many and is the city flower of Xinxiang, Xi’an, Zaozhuang, and Huangshi.

5. Lantana camara

When thinking about beautiful orange flowers, Lantana camara is certainly one of them. Also known as Bird’s Tail Flower, it blooms from late spring to early winter. The plant looks like a club of orange birds. When the breeze blows, it seems as if the birds are hopping about.

This elegant and beautiful flower originates from India and Sri Lanka. It’s commonly planted in many cities in southern China. The orange flower clusters planted with other flowers create a beautiful landscape.

6. Goldfish Plant

The Goldfish Plant, also known as Columnea, is one of the most beautiful orange flowers. It has a unique look with its flowers resembling a “pouting” goldfish.

It has deep green leaves, which coupled with the orange flowers, creates a vivid color contrast. This plant thrives in shaded conditions and is easy to care for, making it ideal for beginners.

7. Double Tuberose

Among various orange flowers, the orange-red Double Tuberose is the most attractive to me. This flower gets its name from the rolled-back petals and its orange-red color.

Each plant can produce 3-20 flowers, which are large, orange-red or brick-yellow with purple-black spots on them.

Plants can grow up to 1.5 meters high, and the flower buds are purple with white fluff. It’s suitable for flower beds, borders, and courtyards, and it’s also a good choice for cut flowers and potted plants.

8. Caesalpinia Pulcherrima

Caesalpinia Pulcherrima, also known as Peacock Flower, is an orange-blooming plant. This variety grows on grassy hillsides or in forests at altitudes of 750-1600 meters, or it can be cultivated in gardens.

It enjoys sunlight, but it can also bloom in partial shade. The plant is adaptable and tolerant of soil conditions. It can easily transplant, grow rapidly, and is easy to manage.

Its seeds can sprout and grow under suitable temperature and humidity conditions, making it a highly adaptable flower. Its orange and yellow flowers are very eye-catching.

9. Crocosmia

Crocosmia flowers are available in red, orange, and yellow. The orange Crocosmia is undoubtedly an ornamental orange flower.

The flowers form slightly curved spike-like clusters emerging from the lush green foliage. The orange-red flower clusters sway in the wind, creating a visually captivating scene.

Crocosmia is heat-resistant and blooms continuously during the quiet summer season. It’s excellent for decorating flower beds, borders, and rock gardens.

10. Marigold

Originally from Mexico, Marigolds are distributed throughout China and are common flowers for landscape gardening. Their large flowers and long blooming periods make them ideal for decorating flower beds, squares, and green spaces.

The medium and dwarf varieties are suitable for flower beds and potted plants, while taller varieties can be used as background plants or cut flowers. The most common colors are yellow and orange.