Top 10 Most Beautiful Green Flowers

The natural world is a riot of colorful flowers, yet green ones are few and far between, making naturally green flowers quite precious.

Which type of green flower do you find appealing?

I’ve compiled a list of the top ten most beautiful green flowers, including Bean Green, Green Sepals, Green Peonies, Imperial Robes, Snow Mountain Roses, Green Sepal Plums, and Green Paris.

Let’s delve into them together.

1. Bean Green, one of the Four Famous Peonies

If you ask me which green flower is the most beautiful, I’d nominate the green peony, especially the Bean Green, one of the Four Famous Peonies. As noted in “The History of Bozhou Peonies”, it’s an extraordinary species, with the green color reminiscent of a bean, possibly the origin of its name.

As contemporary author Wang Shirui states in “An Introduction to Famous Peonies”, “Bean Green, also known as European Green, is an old species from Luoyang city.

It blossoms late, with plump, transparent petals, much like jade.” This flower is a rare and precious species worldwide. It’s green when it first blooms, fading to white in sunlight, presenting a fresh, elegant aesthetic, exuding an unconventional beauty.

2. Green Sepals, a rare Rose variety

Among various green flowers, many are rare species, like the Green Sepal Rose. Despite the abundance of rose varieties and colors, green flowers are relatively scarce.

This type of rose is considered a very rare ancient Chinese rose variety. Its cultivation can be traced back to 1743. It is a variant of an ancient Chinese rose.

Due to its unique flower shape and rare color, it’s not easy to propagate or cultivate. This rarity makes it a treasure in rose gardens and botanical institutions. It often wins awards at various rose exhibitions.

3. Bianliang Green Jade, a rare Chrysanthemum variety

Green chrysanthemums are already valuable, and the “Bianliang Green Jade” stands as a superior choice among them, a rare and esteemed variety, seldom seen in daily life. Its petals have a deeper green at the base, gradually fading to greenish-white or white towards the tip.

As the flowering period ends, the petals gradually turn whitish-green. It mostly appears in exhibitions.

Since its hybrid cultivation debut in 1993, it has been appreciated and revered by visitors and chrysanthemum enthusiasts at flower shows and markets alike.

4. Imperial Robes Yellow, a rare Cherry Blossom

Despite the name “Yellow” in its title, Imperial Robes Yellow is actually a green-flowering plant, a rare variety of cherry blossom. Its symbolism stands for rationality, cultivation, beauty, and grace.

This green cherry blossom has been known since ancient times. Cultivation traces back to the Edo period in Kyoto’s Ninna-ji Temple.

Today, Imperial Robes Yellow can be seen in over 170 locations throughout Japan. In Kyoto and Yūki, the petals measure between 2 and 2.5 cm in diameter.

In Hokkaido, the petals have a diameter of about 4 cm, usually 10 to 15 petals per blossom, with a color ranging between white and light green.

5. Snow Mountain Rose, a premium white rose

When asked about green flowers, Snow Mountain Rose always comes to mind. As the name implies, it’s a type of white rose, but the color of Snow Mountain Rose is actually between pale green and white, giving it a lovely hint of green amid the snowy white.

This is a charming type of rose, with compact, layers of petals conveying a rich sense of depth when not fully bloomed. Its greenish-white petals symbolize purity, nobility, and innocence. The pale green hue implies enduring affection and eternal youth.

In recent years, the Snow Mountain Rose has become a popular choice at fashionable weddings.

6. Green Sepal Plum, a celebrated plum blossom

In the spectrum of green flowers, we certainly can’t forget the plum blossom. Green Sepal Plum, also known as Green Plum, is a stunning green flower.

It got its name from its green sepals and white flowers with green branches. It belongs to the straight-branch green-sepal category in the plum blossom classification system and is one of the best in the plum blossom lineage.

As a notable plum blossom, it is the most gentlemanly of the species, with dish-shaped petals and a rich fragrance. There are dozens of varieties, such as Large Flower Green Sepal, Single Petal Green Sepal, Brocade Leaf Green Sepal, and more.

7. Green Paris, a prize-winning flower at the World Potted Flower Exposition

Green Paris is a green variety of the longevity flower. Although the flowers are small, they are extremely high in ornamental value and closely resemble small peonies. Green Paris is a light green longevity flower with large, double petals.

Compared to other varieties, Green Paris grows a bit slower and is less floriferous, but once it blooms, it’s spectacular. The flower center is light green, and the petals are milky white, round, thick, and textured.

With up to ten or more layers of petals, it has 3 to 4 times as many as a typical double-petaled longevity flower. It has won several international awards at the World Potted Flower Exposition.

8. Xi Shen, the supreme deity of “Plum-like Daffodils”

Also known as Xichen Mei, Xi Shen is one of the most beautiful green flower varieties. Planted by Rong Wenqing of Wuxi in 1912, it was recognized as the “Supreme Deity” among “Plum-like Daffodils” due to its elegant flower shape.

This variety has beautiful leaves that hang down and overlap in a pleasing manner. It is easy to bloom, with a plant only needing 2 sprouts and 4 leaves to start flowering, and flowers can exceed 5 cm in diameter.

It has a long flowering period, and its color and shape remain stable over time, emitting a faint fragrance. The flowers are large, bright, and vibrant. Historically, only Xi Shen Mei surpassed the four great kings “Song, Ji, Long, Wan”.

9. Shell Carnation, a popular carnation variety

In a roundup of the most beautiful green flowers, green carnations are a must. Green carnations have always been popular for their understated style, especially the Shell Carnation, which is very popular. Its delicate pale green color is eye-catching, fresh as a spring breeze, and full of life.

The Shell Carnation belongs to the large flower type, with serrated edges and numerous petals; they open darker and gradually become lighter, round and full when fully bloomed, with a good sense of layers.

In floral design, it won’t overpower other colors, yet its unique hue can’t be easily overlooked. It’s one of the most beautiful green flowers.

10. Shellflower, a popular flower for arrangements worldwide

Shellflower is another type of green flower. As the name suggests, the flower has a very unique shape, just like a seashell. It’s peculiar, elegantly beautiful, and a popular flower for arrangements worldwide.

It can also be used as a dried flower or potted plant for ornamental purposes. There are various horticultural varieties, but most have green sepals, though there are also white, yellow, and other types.

It’s worth mentioning that each pot of Shellflower can absorb 150g of carbon dioxide and release 56g of oxygen each year, making it a very green and environmentally friendly plant.