Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Flowers

There is a vast variety of flowers, each presenting unique colors. However, black flowers are rather rare, with only a handful of plants in the world producing them. Do you know any black flowers?

I bring to you the top ten most beautiful black flowers such as Arrowroot, Black Iris, Queen of the Night, Ink Chrysanthemum, Black Magic, Black Velvet, and Mysterious Midnight.

Let’s explore them together.

1. Arrowroot – Near Endangered Species

The Arrowroot, also known as Tiger Whiskers, is a rare species among black flowers. Not only unique in color, its peculiar appearance makes it an attractive ornamental flower often used in tropical landscapes.

Resembling a bat, its blossoms have numerous whisker-like tendrils growing from the flower center, with two large petals appearing like unfolded bat wings.

Due to its medicinal and ornamental values, overharvesting and reckless excavation have exacerbated its endangered status.

2. Black Iris – National Flower of Jordan

With lush green leaves and large, unusual flowers resembling colorful butterflies, the Iris is an essential part of many gardens.

It makes for a beautiful potted plant, cut flower, or bed flower. Among the most beautiful black flowers is the Black Iris, the national flower of Jordan. Each petal exhibits the deepest black, speckled with dark velvet spots that shimmer in the desert wind.

With a textural feel, clear lines, and delicate transparent texture, it becomes a sought-after spectacle for tourists after the rainy season ends in March or April.

3. Queen of the Night – Rare Tulip Variety

When considering beautiful black flowers, one must mention Tulips. Known as the “charming goblet,” their bright and dazzling colors are a sight to behold.

The black Tulip is considered a rare gem, cultivated with care, resulting in incredibly beautiful black varieties like “Peerless Beauty,” “Black Queen,” “Queen of the Night,” and “Black Gold.” The “Queen of the Night” is particularly famous with its petals of a captivating red-purple hue, exuding an especially elegant and noble aura.

This color is the closest to black in nature. However, this variety is one of the rarest among Tulips and rarely seen on the market.

4. Ink Chrysanthemum – One of China’s Ten Famous Chrysanthemums

In the realm of black flowers, the precious Ink Chrysanthemum, one of the ten famous Chrysanthemums in China, is not to be missed. Its flower heads are a deep purple, nearing black. The Ink Chrysanthemum is unpretentious and dignified.

Its stems reach a foot, and the flower diameter is palm-sized, with red mingling with purple, and purple revealing black. The flower center is thick, and the petals are threadlike, the color as ink, emitting a soft velvety gloss, more enchanting compared to Chrysanthemums of other colors.

Admiring the charm of the Ink Chrysanthemum brings a pleasant, leisurely tranquility, unique mellow taste, crystal clear, enduring vitality, and richness like wine.

5. Black Magic – Black Rose

Among all types of black flowers, roses undoubtedly stand out. Black Magic is one of the most popular black roses, it truly exhibits a “dark red” shade.

This variety has a well-formed shape, large blooms, and numerous petals. Its deep red, almost “dark red” color is adored by many.

Under the sidelong sunlight, the thick petals seem to be draped in a layer of velvety silk, akin to a mysterious, unattainable noble, hence breeders dubbed it “Black Magic”. The symbolism of Black Magic is a gentle heart and a profound, noble soul.

It’s like an elegant and understated individual who doesn’t deliberately showcase their charm but expresses their refinement subtly.

6. Black Velvet – Black Petunia

Petunias come in an extremely rich array of colors. The most common are red, pink, and yellow, along with various mixed color varieties.

However, there’s a black petunia known as “Black Velvet,” created by gardeners using natural breeding techniques to present the flower in black.

This rare black flower underwent a four-year period of improved cultivation and was developed not through genetic modification but by pollen breeding alone.

This flower, as luxurious as velvet, pairs well with vibrant blooms and flourishes in sunny outdoor locations, creating a stark yet perfect contrast.

7. Mysterious Midnight – Black Hyacinth

Hyacinth blooms are dignified, richly colored, and beautiful. They are among the famous bulbous flowers that bloom in early spring.

They’re typically classified into blue, pink, white, primrose, purple, yellow, scarlet, and red color series, but there are unique exceptions like the black Hyacinth – Mysterious Midnight. It was cultivated over 16 years by the renowned British floral breeding company, Thompson & Morgan.

The petals have a metallic sheen, with crimson flower spikes and a potent fragrance. The petals initially exhibit a bright purple shade, with a deeper tone at the petal center.

As the flower opens, the petals gradually turn black, but the petal edges vary in degrees of purple, undoubtedly making it one of the most beautiful rare black flowers.

8. Black Knight – Black Succulent

Black Knight is a cultivated variety, its layered black-purple fleshy leaves are extremely beautiful, giving a sense of solemn mystery. Its flower shape is very much like a lotus seat, hence it’s also known as the Purple Leaf Lotus Palm.

The Black Knight has a graceful shape, its mysterious and noble black-purple leaves grow from the branches. Its leaves are arranged in the shape of a lotus seat, standing out among various ornamental plants and have high ornamental value.

It can be collected as a specimen, and it’s also suitable for general household cultivation. Particularly, when it’s combined with other succulent plants of the Crassulaceae family to create a bonsai, its ornamental value increases significantly.

9. Persian Lily

The Persian Lily is another black flower, commonly found in European horticulture. A variety named “Adiyaman” boasts taller plants and more flower spikes than other varieties and has won the Garden Merit Award from the Royal Horticultural Society in the UK.

When the Persian Lily blooms, its flowers face downwards, so its flower language represents humility and patience.

However, when the flowers open, they are brilliantly eye-catching, hence they also symbolize attracting attention.

10. Black Mandrake

Mandrake, in the context of Buddhist scriptures, implies appropriateness. The model of the microcosm in Tibetan Buddhism is called “Mandrake”, signifying the Buddha’s concept of “one flower, one world, one leaf, one Tathagata”.

It encompasses the spirit of discerning the profound and the superficial, transcending enlightenment, and infinite transformation.

Among them, the Black Mandrake is one of the rarest black flowers. It is the most noble and rare species among the Mandrakes. The flower of the Black Mandrake, which resembles a lily, exudes a thick yet elegant fragrance in the night.

However, the true Black Mandrake emits a scent that can induce subtle hallucinations if smelled excessively.