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Top 10 Most Beautiful Varieties of Lotus Flowers

In traditional Chinese culture, the “lotus” symbolizes beauty, nobility, harmony, love, marital bliss, prosperity, and a rich life, making it one of the most popular and auspicious plants. Wondering what are some attractive lotus varieties? I’m here to introduce you to the ten most beautiful types, including Mrs. Perry D. Slocum, Thousand Petal Lotus, Dancing […]

In traditional Chinese culture, the “lotus” symbolizes beauty, nobility, harmony, love, marital bliss, prosperity, and a rich life, making it one of the most popular and auspicious plants.

Wondering what are some attractive lotus varieties?

I’m here to introduce you to the ten most beautiful types, including Mrs. Perry D. Slocum, Thousand Petal Lotus, Dancing Queen Lotus, Ice Sprite, Miniature Tri-color Lotus, Snow White, and Oriental Pearl.

Let’s explore them together.

1. Mrs. Perry D. Slocum

Mrs. Perry D. Slocum

Often referred to as Lady Slocum, Mrs. Perry D. Slocum is a must-have masterpiece among lotus varieties, originating from the United States.

This variety boasts a large bloom size, with a diameter of up to 27 cm, and the flower’s color changes throughout its bloom, transitioning from an initial orange-pink to pink, then yellow on the third day with a slight pink at the tips.

The elegant flower, coupled with its unique color change, greatly enhances its ornamental value.

2. Thousand Petal Lotus

Thousand Petal Lotus

The Thousand Petal Lotus is a treasure among lotus flowers, with records of its existence dating back to China’s Sui and Tang Dynasties.

Due to the petalization of its stamens, flower base, and pistils, the overlapping petals and peach-shaped buds make this flower exceptionally ornamental. It often boasts between 1500-300 petals and is one of the best varieties for viewing.

It blooms in high summer, for nearly three months. The petals initially appear dark purple-red and gradually lighten, wilting once they turn pink.

3. Dancing Queen Lotus

Dancing Queen Lotus

The Dancing Queen Lotus certainly earns its place among the most beautiful lotus varieties. Imported from Japan in 1966 by the Japanese lotus expert Sakamoto Yuji, it is a hybrid of the American yellow lotus and Japan’s “Dahe Lotus”.

Standing out among large lotus varieties, its multicolored, semi-double bloom can reach over 35 cm in diameter. The large flowers and leaves resemble dancing butterflies, providing a captivating sight when in full bloom.

4. Ice Sprite

Ice Sprite

When it comes to the most attractive yellow lotus, Ice Sprite comes to mind. Introduced by the Wuhan Botanical Research Institute in China in April 2001, this variety is distinguished by its yellow, bowl-shaped double blooms with approximately 90 petals.

The buds are green and round-peach shaped, with green variegated petals. The stamens are partially petalized, and the pistils are normal. Its yellow blooms contrast elegantly with its dark green leaves, appearing exceptionally graceful and captivating.

It begins blooming in early June, producing an abundance of flowers with up to 10 per pot, and has a longer blooming period.

5. Miniature Tri-color Lotus

Miniature Tri-color Lotus

The Miniature Tri-color Lotus is widely recognized as one of the most beautiful ornamental lotus varieties, particularly treasured among bowl lotus types.

With elongated peach-shaped buds, the tips of the petals are red, the middle is pinkish-white, and the base is yellow. The flower is 10-12cm in diameter, with dense blooms that appear early. It has normally developed pistils, is prolific, and comes in various forms including leaf, stem, spike, and root types.

The flower’s color gradient, from light yellow at the base, to white in the middle, and pink at the top, is exceptionally attractive. The Miniature Tri-color Lotus blooms early and densely, generally used for viewing.

6. Snow White

Snow White

Snow White is a renowned variety among the most beautiful lotus types. After blooming, it presents an appealing white color, appearing clean and elegant. This double-petal lotus usually has a flower diameter of about 13 cm.

Mostly cultivated for viewing, it rarely produces fruit. Often recorded in ancient Chinese literature, it is frequently used as an office ornamental plant to beautify the work environment.

The delicate and exquisite bowl lotus, with its outstanding appearance, can be pruned when it is lush to create a pleasing arrangement. Placing small mountains, boats, or bridges in the bowl can form a fascinating scene.

7. Oriental Pearl

Oriental Pearl

Oriental Pearl is one of the best ornamental lotus varieties. This micro lotus is grown in a bowl, with shield-shaped round leaves and robust leaf stalks covered in short spines.

The flowers bloom individually at the top of the stalk, with a diameter of 5-10 cm, and a flowering period from June to September. The beautiful, fragrant flowers have red and pink petals in an elliptical shape.

The bowl for cultivating this lotus is 25-750px in diameter and 20-625px deep, using a watertight bowl. This variety won a first-class award at the 7th National Lotus Exhibition.

8. Great Sprinkling Brocade

Great Sprinkling Brocade

Great Sprinkling Brocade, also known as “Jade Butterfly Tiger’s Mouth”, is a famous ornamental lotus discovered in the Puzhehei area of Wenshan, Yunnan. It belongs to the large plant double-petal mixed-color type in the Chinese lotus series.

This variety has round peach-shaped buds, green in color, with a purple-red halo on the edges of the sepals. The flower is multi-colored, predominantly white, with a light green-yellow base of the petals, red patches on the edges, and green patches at the top of the inner petals.

The mix of red, green, yellow, and white makes it a unique standout among lotus flowers.

9. Red Sun

Red Sun

The Red Sun lotus is named for its bright red color, reminiscent of the radiant sun. This medium-sized variety has relatively green leaves, with a leaf height of 27 cm and diameter of 25 cm. The flower stalk reaches a height of 40 cm, with a flower diameter of 15 cm.

The flower is a double-petal type, with 72 petals that are red, pink, or white in color, and shaped from rectangular round to elliptical or ovate. The flower is bowl-shaped with a long peach-shaped bud in a deep purplish-red color.

There are a few modified stamens, and while the pistils are normal, the fruit setting rate is relatively low. The blooming period begins in late June and produces relatively few flowers, making it suitable for pot cultivation.

10. Pink Peony

Pink Peony

The Pink Peony is a hybrid horticultural variety from the United States, belonging to the water lily family, introduced to China in the 1990s.

The Pink Peony water lily is a medium flower type with large pink blossoms, star-shaped, standing above or floating on the water with a diameter of 12-14 cm.

The flower has 32-40 spoon-shaped petals, which are relatively broad and nested in multiple rounds, resembling a peony.

The pistils form a ring, attached and partially submerged in the fleshy cup-shaped flower receptacle, partly healed at the bottom, and extending into the style at the top. Generally, it is cultivated purely for ornamental purposes.

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