10 Flowers That Bloom in October

There are quite a few seasonal flowers that bloom in October every year, such as chrysanthemums, osmanthus, hibiscus, red spider lilies, oleanders, globe amaranths, celosia, and lady cherry blossoms – all of these are flowers that bloom in October.

Besides these, do you know any other flowers that bloom in October?

In this article, I will share with you ten types of flowers that bloom in October. Let’s delve into the details together.

1. Chrysanthemum: Blooming period September – November

When asked about flowers blooming in October, chrysanthemums instantly come to mind. This flower is one of the top three famous flowers in China and is among the ‘Four Gentlemen’ in Chinese flora, which also includes the plum blossom, orchid, and bamboo.

It’s also one of the world’s four major cut flowers, including roses, carnations, and irises, and is top in production volume. Chrysanthemums bloom from September to November, undeniably making them the masters of autumn.

Numerous cultivated varieties, like standard chrysanthemums, desk chrysanthemums, cliff chrysanthemums, large and small daisy chrysanthemums, and Japanese chrysanthemums, and wild types like wild marguerites, ox-eye daisies, feathered chrysanthemums, emerald chrysanthemums, small red chrysanthemums, and aster flowers, all compete to bloom in the fall, providing an overwhelming visual feast.

Not only are chrysanthemums highly ornamental, but they also have medicinal properties and can promote longevity when consumed regularly or brewed into tea.

2. Osmanthus: Blooming period September – Early October

Among the flowers that bloom in October, osmanthus surely ranks in the top three. It blooms from September to early October and is a perfect garden plant that combines greening, beautification, and fragrance.

As one of China’s top ten traditional flowers, its clean and far-reaching scent is indeed unparalleled.

Especially in mid-autumn, clusters of osmanthus flowers bloom in profusion. When enjoying the flowers with a cup of wine under the silent, round moon, the overwhelming fragrance can refresh the senses.

In ancient Chinese poetry about flowers, there are quite a few works about osmanthus. It has long been loved by the Chinese and is considered a traditional famous flower.

Osmanthus flowers grow in clusters and have a four-lobed corolla. There are many horticultural varieties, the most representative being gold osmanthus, silver osmanthus, red osmanthus, and laurel.

Osmanthus can be used in food and cosmetics and can be used to make cakes, candies, and brewed into wine.

3. Hibiscus: Blooming period August – November

What flowers bloom in October? As is widely known, hibiscus is one of the seasonal flowers in October.

Also known as cotton rose, ground hibiscus, frost-defying flower, and woody lotus, it is a small shrub or tree, native to the Yellow River basin and East and South China, and blooms from August to November.

The flowers can be white, pink, or red, as splendid as lotuses blooming out of the water. Since it grows on land and is a woody plant, it is also called “wood hibiscus”. The hibiscus blooms change three times in a day, hence it’s also known as the “three-change flower”.

Its flowers start to bloom in late autumn and remain stunning even when frost strikes, fully representing the charm of late autumn, so it’s also named the “frost-defying flower.

Both the flowers and leaves of hibiscus can be used medicinally for their heat-clearing, detoxifying, swelling-reducing, pus-draining, and blood-cooling effects.

Hibiscus is also the city flower of Chengdu, and its floral language represents delicate beauty, chastity, and purity.

4. Red Spider Lily: Blooming period September – October

Red spider lilies bloom from September to October, coming in red, white, and yellow varieties. In Japanese, the red spider lily is also called “Manjushage”, which is a transliteration of the Sanskrit “Maha Manjushage” from the Lotus Sutra, meaning the flower from heaven and large red flower.

It’s one of the four auspicious flowers in Buddhism (Maha Manjushage, Maha Manjusha, Mandala flower, and Maha Mandala flower), and it’s said that those who see this flower will have their misfortunes removed. The red spider lily we usually refer to is the red Lycoris radiata.

However, the common white and yellow lycoris aren’t technically “red spider lilies”, they are close relatives and another famous ornamental flower called “surprise lily”, also known as “magic lily.

The surprise lily looks very similar to the red spider lily but has a different blooming period and different meanings. The flower language of surprise lilies is happiness, joy, and surprise.

5. Oleander: Blooms year-round, most abundant in summer and autumn

What flowers bloom in October? We can’t overlook oleander. Oleander blooms almost all year round, peaking in summer and autumn, making it a kind of flower that blooms in October.

Oleander is a well-known ornamental flower, with leaves resembling bamboo leaves. They are grey-green and slender, and the flowers resemble peach blossoms, making them very beautiful.

When oleander blooms, the red flowers are as splendid as peach blossoms. The flowers can be pink to deep red or white and have a unique aroma.

Oleander has the ability to resist smoke, dust, and toxins and can purify the air and protect the environment.

The leaves have strong resistance to harmful gases such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, and chlorine, so it is often grown in parks, scenic spots, along roads, or near rivers and lakes.

It’s important to note that although oleander is beautiful, it is toxic to humans and should not be touched lightly.

6. Gomphrena: Blooming period August – November

Also known as everlasting, globe amaranth, and bachelor button, gomphrena belongs to the amaranth family and blooms from August to November.

Gomphrena loves sunlight, is drought-tolerant, and robust, originally from the tropics of America, and is a common flower in the tropical and subtropical regions.

It can be used for ornamental purposes, its globe-like inflorescence doesn’t change for a long time, and it can be used for flower beds and potted plants, as well as for decorating wreaths and baskets.

Gomphrena is distributed in most parts of China, and not only has great medicinal value but is also a suitable ingredient for heat-clearing, fire-removing, and health-preserving flower tea.

In ancient times, people saw the gomphrena flower as a symbol of sincere friendship, and many wonderful stories about it have been widely circulated.

7. Celosia: Blooms in summer and autumn

What flowers bloom in October? The celosia is one such flower. Also known as cockscomb, woolflower, and red fox, it is an annual herb that blooms in summer and autumn.

There are numerous varieties, and the flowers are mostly red, resembling a rooster’s comb, hence the name celosia or cockscomb. Celosia originates from the tropical regions of Africa, America, and India, and is now widely cultivated around the world. It enjoys ample sunlight and

humid heat, is frost-sensitive and doesn’t tolerate poor soil. It prefers loose, fertile, and well-drained soil. Not only does it have ornamental value, but it also has high medicinal value.

8. Beauty Cherry: Blooming period May – November

Beauty Cherry, also known as verbena, is not only a flower that blooms in October but also has a particularly long blooming period, from May to November.

Native to South America, Beauty Cherry is a perennial herb of the verbenaceae family and is suitable for growth at temperatures between 5-25°C.

The blooming part is umbel-like, the spike inflorescence is terminal and dense, the flowers are small and densely packed, available in white, pink, red, and multicolored, and fragrant.

It’s an excellent ground cover material, suitable for urban road green belts, roundabouts, slopes, flower beds, etc. Beauty Cherry can be planted in mixed colors or in single colors. Mixed color planting can show its colorful variety, while single color planting can form color blocks.

9. Evening Primrose: Blooming period April – November

Evening Primrose, also known as night willowherb, is one of the seasonal fresh flowers in October, with a blooming period from April to November.

It usually blooms in the evening under moonlight, and withers at dawn, hence the name Evening Primrose, but the beautiful Evening Primrose also opens during the day, with flowers that are cup-shaped and very beautiful.

Native to America, Evening Primrose can be used to treat skin trauma and dermatitis and is also used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, atopic dermatitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

10. Dahlia: Blooming period June – December

What flowers bloom in October? Dahlia is definitely one of them. Dahlia is a perennial herb, blooming from June to December, and fruiting from September to October, with large tuberous roots. The stems of dahlias are upright, with many branches, 1.5-2 meters high, and robust.

They come in various colors, including red, yellow, orange, purple, light pink, and white, as well as various more brilliant colors. Originally from Mexico, the Mexicans regard it as a symbol of generosity and wealth, hence they honor it as their national flower.

Dahlia has numerous varieties and is one of the world’s famous flowers; the root contains inulin, which has the same effect as glucose in medicine, and can also activate blood circulation to remove stasis, having certain medicinal value.